Bicycle Awareness Monitoring Sign


At Axent we design, develop and manufacture our BAMS systems right here in Australia. The BAMS System is a radar speed LED sign that greatly helps to reduce speeding in low speed zones. These signs are designed to be easily mounted on trailers or poles and feature LED displays that display the speed of passing vehicles or low speed commuters such as bicycles, e-bikes & e-scooters as well as prompt commuters with intuitive graphics alert or thank them. (Customisable template options available) All WAMS come with high-reflective, high impact polycarbonate anti-graffiti coated front fascias.
Solar panel kit with enclosed battery pack
LED Technology. Colours available: Amber, Red, Green & White
Display Auto Brightness Levels (LDR), adjusts in ambient light
4G/5G/NB-Iot Network Connectivity Options
Messaging Templates: Pre-set/Limited (Discrete Display)
Graphics Templates: Pre-set/Limited (Discrete Display)
IP67 Rating
Radar: 11kph to 160kph Speed Detection
Modular Design, easy to service, maintain and adjust mounting position
Molded, light weight high impact enclosure design
Integration to Axent's comprehensive remote management system
  • Solar Panel + Battery Kit
  • LED Technology
  • Auto-brightness LDR
  • 4G/5G/NB-Iot options
  • Messaging templates
  • Graphics templates
  • IP67 Rated
  • Radar options
  • Modular Design
  • Sturdy, light weight enclosure
  • Remote management available