Last Updated 17 May 2022

Effective Tuesday 17 May 2022, the following COVID-19 policy is in effect for Axent (Australia wide).

Scenario 1 - Testing Positive to COVID-19

If any Axent employee deems it necessary to have a personal leave day due to a general feeling of illness (of any kind), they must obtain a PCR or RAT test on the first personal leave day unless directed otherwise by Axent and notify Axent immediately of the result (with evidence).
If the employee tests positive, they MUST not attend work for minimum period of 5 business days from notification to Axent. You may return to work anytime after 5 business days if you feel well enough to do so and have no symptoms.
If the employee tests negative refer to Scenario 2 below.

Scenario 2 – Testing Negative to COVID-19

If any Axent employee has symptoms of COVID-19 as per the relevant health websites, but tests negative to COVID-19, it is recommended they seek local GP advice. Return to work will be as per the medical certificate provided.

Scenario 3 - Close Contact to COVID-19

If any Axent employee is deemed to be a ‘close contact’ then that employee shall obtain a PCR or RAT test IMMEDIATELY. If the test is positive refer to Scenario 1 above. If the test is negative, the employee will go about normal duties (including attending work) and wear a mask indoors for a minimum period of 5 business days and obtain daily RAT tests which must be negative before leaving for work.

Work From Home (WFH)
Depending on the scenario above, symptoms and job description, Axent management will advise whether WFH will be applicable on an individual basis.

Notes :
RAT tests are available free of charge at testing stations if you have symptoms and/or a close contact.

Return to Work Rules :
Masks – mandatory upon return for minimum 5 business days
Vehicles – mandatory masks if with others in vehicle for 5 business days

If ANY employee has any queries relative to the above, please consult Sharelle Miller.

Axent Management
17 May 2022